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cirque du soleil competition

cirque du soleil competition

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Pablito Greco Dance Business Art Experiences Alegria Cirque Du Soleil Toronto Canada Magazine

dec 1

participants. the cirque du soleil competition started in october and finished on december 1st! we wish to thank all 302 participants from every single place of the planet who commented through pablitogreco.com! you are all amazing and we are preparing more fun competitions for all of you!

Pablito Greco Dance Business Art Experiences Alegria Cirque Du Soleil Toronto Canada Magazine Ekaterina Konysheva

winner. we are happy to announce that Ekaterina Konysheva (215th participant) from Toronto, Canada won the competition! congratulations Ekaterina! ❤️

cirque du soleil business of art

cirque du soleil business of art

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oct 11

invitation. (scroll down for the competition) early september 2019 i was so exhilarated to receive a private invitation from cirque du soleil to attend their “alegría: in a new light” show in toronto! i knew that the original alegría had retired back in 2013, so i couldn’t wait to see what they were able to create in this sequel. as an artistpreneur cirque du soleil provokes several aspects of my way of doing things; from the endless search for artistic and financial excellence to the constant need of change to something greater. that is why that invitation meant a lot to me.

Pablito Greco Dance Business Art Experiences Alegria Cirque Du Soleil Toronto Canada Magazine

business. cirque du soleil has performed for more than 180 million people in 450 cities on every continent but Antarctica. there are 23 cirque du soleil shows worldwide, including six permanent shows in las vegas and 12 that are on tour. alegría alone has presented more than 6600 performances. the show Ká—which premiered in 2005—cost at least $165 million to create. jaw-dropping. they employ 1300 performers from 50 different countries, and about 40 percent of its artists come from disciplines like rhythmic gymnastics and diving. long story short the circus is experiencing a revenue of almost usd$2bn. this is a long number for a circus with so humble beginnings from the early 80’s.

experience. beyond numbers, the show i was invited to see was a shiny example of an immersive experience. they managed to captivate my visual perception, aurally perceiving, and sometimes touch, and in many occasions they managed to hoist my heart rate proximate to 100 bpm. in others words they moved me. they masterfully created feelings that will be embedded in me for years. c'était spectaculaire.


Pablito Greco collective cirque du soleil giveaway

final thoughts. although “alegría: in a new light” does not have yet a clear story line, sometimes communicates messages that young audience (children) shouldn’t watch, and it is short in length, you should go for the magnificent costumes, touching live music, captivating acrodance performances from amazing athletists, superb stage prompts, incredible organization, and top overall entertainment. diversity in everything! check the above video to win the collective cirque du soleil giveaway! sweet ❤️

financial impact of experiences

impact of experiences

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sept 20

experiences. good sales people know that sentiment makes the sale and that sentiment returns it. the cambridge dictionary defines the word "experience" as the "knowledge or skill from doing, seeing, or feeling things". I define it as "an event that has a psychosomatic impact". the biggest companies in hospitality (Marriott, Starwood, Hyatt, Hilton, IHG, e.t.c.) understood long time ago that they potentially could sell more than sleep; they had to start selling sentiment, feelings. Fast forward to today the most valuable hospitality company, Airbnb (35B, good Lord), and the rest of the big guys jumped into the boat of "experiences".

Pablito Greco Financial Impact Canada Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazine

$dollars. experiences work because they satisfy 3 wins. the host wins (payment, reputation), the guest wins (feelings, knowledge, satisfaction, value for money), the local community wins (shops, attractions, reviews, revenue, events, city tourism). let's speak with facts. to give an illustration my first experience was a dance experience. for the last 2 years it hosted notably more than 350 non-dance people (mostly from out of town), number that surpasses by far the number of what regular dance classes, dance festivals, or dance events can cumulate in Toronto. those people spend a significant amount to the host and to the local community. I calculated that these guests spend 18K+ to the local community alone. only from one experience with a 90 minutes duration. this is not a conundrum, but an opportunity to do business. you can see now why the big players are very interested into this piece of the pie.

final thoughts... the word "experience" is indeed very trendy nowadays, but it just a new name for an old package. this is still not a fully discovered business territory, therefore upon further reflection I feel it is a tantalizing window into... anyone joining me?


dance tool inclusion

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aug 13

disability. an estimated one in five canadians (or 6.2 million) aged 15 years and over had one or more disabilities that limited them in their daily activities, according to findings from the 2017 canadian survey on disability (CSD). more than 540,000 youths aged 15 to 24 years (13%) had one or more disabilities. among youth, mental health-related (8%) was the most common type of disability, followed by learning (6%), and pain-related disabilities (4%).Pablito Greco Disability Youth Men Women Canada Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazine

inclusion? to give the opportunity of equal participation is the Holy Grail of inclusion. due to its aggressive immigration policy, canada needs this more than ever. the need will become more essential with every new year. seeing the above numbers I cannot help myself seeing the incredible opportunities for inclusion-oriented social programs! everyone would agree that comprehensive and cost effective programs from each level of government, would definitely have the most impact. genuine inclusion initiatives from non-profits can go so far. I wish the election campaigns from all the candidates could include some-kind of meaningful ways to solve this.

dance. dance is the language of artistic kinesis™seeing Cheryl Angelelli from Chicago, Illinois launching a free wheelchair dance program, while being paralyzed after a swimming accident as a teenager, verifies that dance is a powerful tool for inclusion, also among people with disabilities. quoting her "we teach anybody with any type of disability how they can dance, the program is free of charge". this is music to my ears and lightbulb to my brain.Pablito Greco Disability Youth Dance Mobility Canada Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazine it's only safe to say that canada should bluntly copy these programs and implement them into its recreation centres. definitely I would be one of the first educators that will volunteer my time for promoting even further inclusion.

final thoughts... a little less conversation, a little more action please. it all comes down to action, and to organized initiatives by people who have the political power. people like you and me, residing in canada should also push harder to the right direction; no lobbying no results. dance is not the only remedy for inclusion, but it is an undisputed tool for addressing, building, and progressing it. my current day dream is to see dance fighting for a better society.


giant leap for dance

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july 20

why canada? living into a such vast country like Canada (9.984.670km2) with the 1/10 of the population of United States (34.838.000), and with 88.7% of the Canadian performing arts companies to be profitable, it is easy to turn your attention into more than small underground dance experience communities; you are inspired to see the big picture.

why Toronto? Toronto is the perfect opportunity for fulfilling this inspiration. the Toronto-Waterloo region corridor is the second largest technology cluster in north america and one of the world’s fastest-growing innovation hubs, which means opportunity to do business with a huge corporate ecosystem.

Pablito Greco & Anastasia Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazinewhy dance? dance is the language of artistic kinesis™enter dance. the prime objective of dance is to communicate, express, educate, train, and to "build bridges" amongst people. there is no better era for those extraordinary qualities of dance to be gloriously applied, than today's business - developing stage. countless companies in our next door are looking for new, fresh, and effective ways of training their peers and building a more productive culture. there is a gap that dance professionals can fill by using all these essential skills that themselves have learned throughout the years.

which skills? decision making, teamwork effectiveness, leadership development, feedback processing, realistic planning, project management, multi-tasking, assertiveness, accountability, and so many more, are the skills' training that dance can offer to the corporate ecosystem. the proof of concept has already been done, mostly by canadians, and now I firmly believe it is time to expand with nerve and confidence.

final thoughts... dance's future is implemented into the society it functions. dance will be there to adapt into business as society changes and as demand for skills development rises. dance is meant to fit to any kind of experience. dance is an enabler™


dance for diversity

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june 30

the invitation. being into the dance experience business for so many years come with its benefits. but, having an "open" embrace for collaborations is a magnet for opportunities. recently, I received a prestigious invitation to dance for the city of Toronto and the Moksha diversity foundation.

the dance & workshop. this amazing diversity festival was assembled near the iconic roy thompson hall, at the centre of Toronto and we, Pablito & Anastasia, did deliver a wonderful performance, a sensational workshop, and overall an unparalleled dance experience for a very diverse group of people, that made them feel like stars.

Pablito Greco & Anastasia Toronto Diversity Festival Dance Business Exeprience MagazinePablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango

final thoughts... dance's middle name is "diversity" and its last name is "business". when the city of Toronto and other reputable foundations invite, I know how to take care both of these worlds/words of dance.


dance corp in action

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may 1

the invitation. having the opportunity to apply your method into the corporate environment and create a dance experience that has meaningful impact to employers and employees, it is heart lifting. such an opportunity was presented itself through the very prestigious creaghan mcconnell group, a vastly successful company based in Toronto that helps Canada's leading business families protect their capital.

the workshop. working collectively with the company's leadership we agreed on creating an intimate retreat/workshop that will be focused on coordination and how their efforts can just flow when that co-design comes together. furthermore, realization in a tangible way that would fulfill the meanings of leadership, feedback, coordination, teamwork, and celebrating mistakes as experiences. Pablito & Anastasia had to structure and present a fun and efficient event bringing together the company's team tiers using the power of tango dance and electronic tango music. the dance couple conveyed a very appealing workshop that received great feedback and it was the center of discussion for days.

Pablito Greco & Anastasia Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazine dancecorporate

final thoughts... dancecorporate just works. and it works perfectly for teams because it was build for teams. it can easily produce tangible and intangible results covering several essential skills for business and reaching real goals for people. building bridges once again.

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