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merry Christmas 2019

Pablito Greco Logo  merry Christmas 2019

dec 23another Christmas is here! an excellent time for family, faith, and pure love. dance culture promotes the psyche and physical condition and the relationships between people. dance brings us together and closer.

My lovely xtango students please remember that classes resume at January 9th, 2019 at 9PM; same amazing place!

dress tango impress 2

dress tango impress2

Pablito Greco Logo  dress tango impress2

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sept 18Continued... Christina: I think it is possible to dress for tango on a budget and create a great dance experience. For one, some milongas often hold second-hand sales, where you can find great shoes and outfits for a reasonable price. Otherwise I do most of my tango shopping online. There are plenty of online shops with vintage style dresses with a wide range of prices, and most of them also have frequent sales.

Pablito: How do you decide what to wear?

Christina: This is tricky. I am still discovering my style, as well as what works well for tango and what doesn’t. I’ve become much more aggressive at trying out new outfits, which has resulted in quite a few fails as well. But you don’t grow without trying new things :).

I mostly like vintage style A-line or wrap dresses that have lots of room for movement and are very flowy. For flow I find crepe material is the best. Silk looks beautiful but beware sweat stains as you dance the night away. Also, I find velvet to be a material that is beautiful on all body types, and looks very elegant.

After studying the lady dancers Ι notice the most on the dance floor, I also tried to invest in costume jewelry with lots of bling. Big earrings, a sparkly ring or bracelet go a long way. Hair accessories always look nice on the dance floor and add a bit of glamour, just make sure they won’t be in your partner’s face during closed embrace.

Some of my favourite links:
(1) Trashy Diva
(2) Unique Vintage
(3) ModCloth
(4) GatsbyLady
(5) Loco Lindo
(6) The Pretty Dress Company
(7) Lisadore shoes
(8) Turquoise shoes
(9) Dance shoes online

Pablito: Do you have tips for ladies dressing for a milonga?

Christina: Uff do I ever… I am still learning all the do’s and don'ts that seem obvious but you stumble upon with experience...
• Bring a safety pin, you never know what might pop open or rip even with the roomiest of outfits.
• Assume tight dresses will ride up. Tight dresses should either be made of lycra, or a slit to allow for wide leg openings, because otherwise you are setting yourself up for very embarrassing and very public wardrobe malfunctions.
• Bring mints or mouthwash with you; it’s awful to spend the night worrying if your breath still smells of garlic from lunchtime.
• Wear your hair in a way that won’t flop in your partner’s face in a closed embrace, as that can get quite uncomfortable for both.

Learn more here! Click!Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Dress• You are bound to rip your stockings. Either get accustomed to dancing/dressing without them or bring a backup pair with you. If you prefer wearing tights you can always find toeless tights, ankle length tights or three quarter tights. With a bit of detective work you can also find tights with pretty lace detail at the bottom.
• Most lady tango shoes are open toe. While nail polish isn’t everyone’s deal, at least well manicured toes are worth your time, as your feet are basically on display.
• Unless you are a master of makeup, I would say the simpler the makeup the better. If you are lucky to spend the night on your feet dancing, you will get very hot and sweaty, and layers upon layers of foundation is anything but a good thing when you’re cheek to cheek…
• It is worth experimenting with new outfits in a smaller setting, like class. Some dresses that are very flattering in other social settings might not be as comfortable on the dance floor (e.g., tight fitting clothes ride up, droopy skirts or pantaloons might get caught in your heels or, etc.). I’ve had a couple of occasions where I regretted my choice of outfit halfway through a milonga...

interview by Joe Yang

interview by Joe Yang

Pablito Greco Logo  interview by JoeYang

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jul 17There will always be minds that work collectively towards knowledge and the archive form of it. These minds are securing clusters of information for the next generations too. They are important, tango needs them, and the dance experience demands them.

Recently, I had the pleasure to give an interview to one of these beautiful collective minds like Joe Yang about the xtango method, ways and means to tango, performance, students' learning tools and more, with a lot of exciting details and news about the Toronto Tango community. It will be very smart NOT to miss it! :-)Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business xtango TangoListen to the interview here and stay tuned for more!

dress tango impress1

dress tango impress1

Pablito Greco Logo  dress tango impress1

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feb 4Tango is much more than a dance, it is a culture. It has a rich history, unique music, award winning literature, tasteful gastronomy, and an incredible dance; which is surrounded by a complicated set of social rules, a range of sounds, emotions, and melodies. Tango is a dance in a social setting, which apart from the obvious social rules of cleanliness, good breath, and pleasant body odor, dancers are encouraged to dress up for the occasion. One particular student of mine truly celebrates the tango experience every chance she gets. For this post I want to show her perspective on ladies wear for tango.

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Pablito: I take great pleasure in seeing milongueros and milongueras dress the part in milongas. I noticed you really put an effort in your presentation, both in class and at social dances. What inspired you to do so?

Christina: I would say the motivation is twofold. I started learning the tango and going to social dances when I was an undergraduate student in Chania, Greece. Despite it being a very small city, it has a very vibrant tango community, with a milonga for almost every day of the week. I used to watch some of the ladies dance mesmerized, because apart from being quite skilled social dancers, they also mostly came impeccably dressed, with beautiful outfits and shoes that really framed their dance beautifully, and also made the tango socials held in small cafes or city squares feel quite festive.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Dance ExperienceThen I came to Toronto and was exposed to the tango community here, with some milongas in large ballrooms and saw the diversity in dance styles and dresses. It is rather difficult getting the right dance experience in the larger events, as people tend to dance with partners they already know and like to dance with. I realized the more you stand out for a unique style, the more noticeable you are and the easier to get dances.

Pablito: Where do you get outfits from, accessories, price range?

Christina: I think you can mix and match many different styles in tango. You could just as easily go for a princess vibe or more rock and roll. I have admired everything from conservative and demure looks to sexy and seductive. I also like it when ladies combine very different styles. One lady in a milonga was wearing what looked like a bright red sash from a traditional Chinese outfit as a belt on otherwise modern clothes. Another had a wriggle dress on and featured a gorgeous bejewelled “slave” bracelet on her left hand (which was draped across her dance partner’s back and therefore very visible and eye catching).

The outfit I remember liking the most was a sort of deep sky blue vintage A line dress with a white tiki pattern. The dancer wearing it really stood out in my opinion in a sea of mostly black sexy dresses.

Stay tuned for the juicy part 2!

the body of tango1

the body of tango1

Pablito Greco Logo  the body of tango1

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feb 4xtango teaching method is one of the most rational and easy to comprehend - participate projects I have ever created. It skips the nonsense of the tango "energy" and the "secret magic" (utopian notions coming from south america 's "maestros"...) and goes straight to fun, which is at the same time the point. In xtango we have the body and the soul (the mind is part of the body). It is physically impossible to dance the tango without the body.

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To test my own theory I organized a large tango seminar in the U.K. for the purpose of an applied dance experiment (in which I measured much more than the following). I went and chose randomly a dancer from the crowd, and asked one simple question "How do you dance the tango?"...Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business London Tango Dance ExperienceThe dancer took a very little time and replied "With my heart". I said "Great! Let us test it and come into an undisputed conclusion together". I revealed from my inner pocket a 2 meters long rope, showed to the crowd and wrapped his ankles together really tight. I then said "Ok, now if you can please dance with your heart". The crowd laughed and so the wrapped individual, while trying unsuccessfully to move around the floor.

That small part of the experiment lasted less than 5 minutes but the most useful outcome was embedded in the mind of the crowd: If you want to advance your tango skills and your dance experience you must first advance your physical skills, the body of tango. Which means making your body more flexible, stronger, and agile.

And before you start thinking that this applies only to younger ages thus younger crowds, I will stop you there and tell you that it does apply to ages up to 100. Whoever has a body, can advance it to the level that nature permits. You can stretch and strengthen yourself for free, even in your room. There is no excuse. In my next post I will share with you few exercises to expand your skills fast and secure!

Tango Nights Secrets™

Tango Nights Secrets™

Pablito Greco Logo  Tango Nights Secrets™

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jan 23I love the global tango community. I am always working towards worldwide projects that promote tango culture and the dance experience, and bring new masses into this captivating lifestyle, online and offline. The creation of the Pablito Greco brand and its sub-brands like the xtango method-classes, tango q&a ebook, e.t.c. are working en route to this vision and are experiencing a success for the last 5 years, +12-14% in revenues/year and popularity, with hard work and consistency.

In early summer 2017 I participated into a fantastic small (small in the eyes, big in the heart) charity Toronto tango event called "Tango Tea" organized by the local café and Mr. Dionysius Prakash Sarvesvaran, aka Dion. Long story short, I was instantly inspired by the atmosphere, purpose, and execution of this event from the candidly straightforward Dion, and a new idea was born that matched my hospitality experience as a professional hotelier; taking this to the next level.

Want to learn more? Click here!Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Night SecretsShortly after that, I started working with Airbnb on creating and developing a singular, fun, and genuine tango culture event that everyone can book online and enjoy, the Tango Night Secrets experience. The success of this experience speaks for itself, but what I have to mention is that Tango Night Secrets brought more BRAND NEW people closer and into the tango culture (from U.S., Canada, and Europe), than the last 3 big Toronto tango events combined.

All things considered, I want to give public credit by saying "Thank you Dion for being an inspiration", but also to state that we should support similar events like "Tango Tea" that are actually widening the Toronto tango community quantifiably. A sub-culture develops when the incoming numbers are larger compared to the outcoming (loses) per month, quarter, and year. You can build this kind of projects, and better, I am sure of it. What do you think?

why learning tango

why learning tango

Pablito Greco Logo  why learning tango

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jan 9Like I wrote few years back, "Dance shapes your soul forever". This is a timeless constant. Beyond the "soul", you should learn tango dance for numerous and specific reasons. You will find the main below. :-)

(1) Social. Everybody in tango dance is becoming more social, more open, and more pleasant to others. Due to the nature of the dance experience you will meet new people and make new friends. Your social skills will develop and your network will be broaden.

(2) Physical. Tango dance will help you understand more about your body, the way it works, and how you can relate it with a body of a stranger. Ultimately, you will be able to fathom what the bodies can do on a dance floor, which are the limits, and how you can extend those. Your physical skills will develop rapidly and you will feel much better.

Want to learn more? Click here!Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Dance Experience Happy Couple(3) Artistic. You do have an artist inside you, which hides until there is the right opportunity. Tango dance is the right opportunity for you to honestly express yourself, and let your inner creator free. On the dancing floor and through your partner a new era of conveying your thoughts, feelings, and ethos will arise.

(4) Mental. The relating to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality, is called mental health. Tango dance does affect the mental process of the person, and builds a better acuity and ability to broader calculations, among other capacities. Its effectiveness is no secret to the scientific society since it is already being used for experimental purposes on Parkinson's and Alzheimer diseases.

As one approaches the tango as a culture (including of course the dance and the music from 1900-2018), will find more than an ordinary or stereotypical community of people and skills-to-develop. What he or she finds is more like an exciting adventure which includes countless of dance experiences. a culture with real benefits. why are you dancing?

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