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Educator X

The author of Tango Secrets.

World-class dance artist.

Youtuber, Podcaster, Public Figure.

Successful entrepreneur and investor.

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Educator X

An educational author, a dance performer, the founder of Pablito Greco Ltd, with 15 years of success under his belt.

Educator X is a proud author of 12 educational books, and a Social Media public figure with thousands of followers. The initial edition of Tango Secrets was the first multimedia book in the history of dance. Born and raised in Mediterranean Greece and after exploring the world for both dance and corporate business, now lives in Canada and spends his free time having fun with his adorable wife.   ∙   Educator X says about Tango Secrets book: I was raised in a family of secret artists who had public government jobs. The real-life superheroes. My father is an incredible painter and my late mother was a dancer. Yet, they kept their talent hidden.   ∙   Growing up, I discovered my inclination to nature, physical movement and research. When I entered 1st and with a scholarship into the best Masters program of my academic field, I eventually perceived what was missing: It was Art, the flavour that changes the souls of ladies and gentlemen.   ∙   Dance had finally found me, and I started a very rewarding but rough and full of obstacles career as a dance educator and performer. Tango Secrets book represents without question the epitome of that journey.

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